Crane Lifts

Need a lift? we can help you out

Our onsite gantry crane gives us the ability to handle a wide range of cargo, providing an intergrated lifting solution.

Our expereinced team are availble to discuss handling solutions and to help you develop a lifting plan to ensure your cargo is lifted safley and efficiently.

What we offer

  • 120t lifting capacity
  • 10 meter under hook clearance
  • 6x4 spreader bar
  • Dual lift solutions available
  • Lifting plans

External Crane Access

Got your own crane? No problem, the following tariffs apply:

External Crane Access



Access fee

$ 4.85 per cbm

OH&S Supervisor

$ 273.00 per hour

External Crane Tariff Schedule



25-35 tonne Franna

$ 225.00 per crane per day

50-60 tonne crane

$ 921.00 per crane per day

80-100 tonne crane

$ 1040.00 per crane per day

130 tonne crane

$ 1100.00 per crane per day

200 tonne crane

$ 1230.00 per crane per day

300 tonne crane

$ 1460.00 per crane per day

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