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Open Access

Our terminal operates under the Open Access principals. Our facilities and infrastructure are available to all Terminal Users.

Our Open Access Policies

Our Standard Terms and Conditions apply to everyone entering our facility.

Download our Standard Terms and Conditions

We strive to provide top notch service, but we understand we might not always see eye to eye. For those occasions two dispute resolution processes have been established which provide the framework to reaching an agreement.

Non-Price Dispute Resolution

The Non-Price Dispute Resolution Process applies to any dispute (other than a Price Dispute) that arises between MIRRAT and the Terminal User.

Download a copy of the Non-Price Dispute Resolution

Ad-Hoc Independent Audit

In addition to your rights under the Non-Price Dispute Resolution Process, a Terminal User who has a complaint about our compliance with the ACCC Undertaking may at any time, request for an Ad hoc Audit to be carried out.

To find out more download a copy of our Adhoc Audit advice.

Price Dispute Resolution

The Price Dispute Resolution Process applies to any Price Dispute between MIRRAT and the Terminal User

Download a copy of the Price Dispute Resolution process

Want or need to conduct business on the terminal? You will need a valid Access Licence Agreement.

The Access Licence Agreement helps to ensure everybody working on our facility is safe and competent to do so. You can apply for an Access Licence Agreement by clicking here .

Provisional Period

Approved applications are valid for an initial Provisional Period of 6 months. Once the Provisional Period is complete subject to performance your Access Licence Agreement will automatically be extended for a term of 3 years.

Download the Access Licence checklist to help you prepare for your application.

A full list of MIRRAT Liecencees can be viewed and downloaded here.

MIRRAT is committed to operating an open access facility offering a level playing field for all approved and licensed users. Under pinning this commitment is our undertaking with the ACCC.

Download a copy of MIRRAT's ACCC Undertaking

Over 400 vessels visit MIRRAT every year. Our berthing allocation rules provide a transparent framework and logic as to how we allocate and prioritise berth positions. This ensures your vessels are turned around quickly so they can continue their journey.

Download a copy of our Berthing Priority Rules

Berthing Complaints Officer

David Deutscher

Planning & Cargo Manager

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