First general cargo vessel calls MIRRAT

MIRRAT demonstrate facilities capability

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The arrival of a 256-ton Siemens generator on route to Germany, marked the arrival of the first general cargo vessel to call the terminal – the BBC Alberta. 

The handling of this cargo is significant for MIRRAT as it clearly demonstrates the terminal’s ability to service market segments outside of its core focus of RoRo & PCC carriers. MIRRAT is Australia’s largest Automotive and RoRo Terminal, though this shipment has shown the MIRRAT team and facilities have the experience and our facilities have the flexibility to offer solutions to a broad range of vessels and cargo types.

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MIRRAT’s involvement included coordinating the vessel and landside interfacing by providing safe berthing, safe traffic route to and from the vessel and secure pre-load storage. Careful planning by the terminal’s operations team ensured the cargo staging and transfer was safe, efficient and successful.

The planning and execution to move the generator 200km from the Loy Yang power station – the largest in the state –to MIRRAT was a sight to behold. The generator required a trailer convoy, which stretched over 100m in length and consisted of 6 prime movers moving at a maximum speed of 20kmph.  The 4-day journey attracted significant media coverage across all mediums with one Facebook post tracking the movement receiving more than 3.5 million views.

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