At MIRRAT we believe in responsible logistics and we are committed to helping our customers achieve supply chain efficiency with reduced environmental impact, now and into the future.

Sustainability was front of mind during the design of our facility which is evident in the features we boast;

  • The facility was built with sustainable construction methods
  • LED lighting will reduce energy usage by 30% per year
  • 2m litres of rainwater can be captured and held on site.
  • A 100kW solar array will provide +90% of power to the administration building
  • BMS installed to monitor and manage energy consumption

Our environmental commitment and strategy is well anchored at all levels within the company. It is a sustainable approach to business that is guided by a 5 part strategic environmental framework;

  • We focus on high impact changes.
  • We hold ourselves accountable and transparent in our environmental commitment.
  • We exceed our responsibilities for environmental performance.
  • We invest in future technologies.
  • We cultivate partnership with stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions.

MIRRAT and our partners comply with all legislation, regulations and requirements and have a relentless drive on health and safety, performance and quality – all with the end game of delivering a world class Auto and RoRo terminal right here in Melbourne.


Sustainability Reports

Our sustainability reports are issued quarterly and outline the facilities consumption of energy and water aswell as the waste we are producing. These reports aid us in our impact and helps use to make constant improvement.